It is Time for Baseball to Honor Pete Rose

It is time for Major League Baseball and its leadership to step up to the plate and stop being hypocrites.  26 Years ago Pete Rose was banned from the game for breaking one of the cardinal rules..betting on baseball. After a lot of evidence and many years of denial Mr. Rose finally admitted he did indeed violate the rules of the game.  No one can argue he should have been punished. He has been. I have never heard any player, manager, sportscaster or any commissioner state that Pete Rose never gave less than 100% every play, every game. He was an inspiration to many young kids, like myself, who were not the fastest, or the strongest…but showed that playing hard can lead to success on the field.  There are players in the Hall of Fame that were racist, alcoholics, wife abusers, those that committed adultery and even some that served time in prison for crimes including smuggling drugs. In the Modern Era there are those that admitted or have a mountain of evidence to show they took steroids and yet they are not banned from the game. Steroids is cheating, giving one an unfair advantage..yet they are eligible to be in the Hall, whether the writers chooses to vote them in is another story.  The Hall of Fame is about the players that were the Best on the Field.  Pete Rose holds more records than any player in history and although he did break a rule, and was punished, no one has ever said that Pete Rose did anything to give him an unfair advantage to have over 4,200 hits or to play at least 500 games at five different positions or any other record he holds. He accomplished it with hard work and dedication yet he is banned for life while players that purposely took illegal substances to have a physical advantage continue to play, earn money in baseball and are eligible for the Hall.  I urge Major League Baseball to end this hypocrisy and allow Pete Rose back into the greatest game.  If not for him, than do it for all the boys who grew up watching him and were inspired by him and would like to see his on the field accomplishments honored.

Eric Grunor – A Baseball Fan