Let the HS Senior year begin…

2020 ..

Tomorrow is the last of the first day of school as we watch our son begin his Senior year of High School. Even when he attends college in the future it will be different. He has been our responsibility for the past 17 years and has counted on us to show him life, the good and the bad, and up until last year, when he started driving, we at least got him to school or the bus stop. I think about the scared little boy who hid under a desk on the first day of Pre-K and now embarks on the last year of required education. I can say the majority of teachers have been fantastic, many were good and yes, there were some that probably should have chosen a different career, but that is life and no matter what, you have to find a way to overcome obstacles and try to succeed. I think of all the school events, field trips, athletics, band concerts, projects, late night homework and all the other memories that as parents we will cherish forever. We know these 9 months will go fast and we will all be preparing for the next chapter in all our lives. For all those students embarking on this last year of High School, enjoy the ride, cherish the moments, be proud of all of your accomplishments and know that sad days are temporary, that you are never alone, that a grade point, a test score or a class ranking, does not define who you are. Making it to your senior year is a great accomplishment and if you take time to reflect on where you were 10 years ago, 5 years ago, as a freshman, you will see a transition from child to adult and a mind that went from a blank slate to one of opinions and thoughts, and likes and dislikes. For us parents, some of us 30+ years from our High School days, we are proud of this generation. Those currently in High School have been the first generation in which their entirety of their school years had smart phones, social media and many other technology related obstacles that we, as parents, had to learn in order to help navigate through. To each High School Senior, remember how special you are, how incredible God made you and how the world is a better place because you are succeeding in life and all it has to offer. Enjoy this year and challenge yourself. It may be the end of High School but just the beginning of an incredible adult life. To my fellow parents, sit back, take a deep breath, maybe have a glass of wine. We are watching the result of the last 17 years of our child’s life finish a major accomplishment only to be ready for new challenges armed with all we have given them. Whatever the roads we have traveled to see our children become a senior, we are there, and the finish line is in sight…just one more push and next Spring we can all celebrate a milestone. God Bless all the Students, the Teachers, Administrators and my fellow Parents who share this journey…We are in this crazy thing called life together!