Abortion is never something to Celebrate !

As I watched the reaction to the Supreme Court decision today regarding the Texas Law and the Abortion clinics I felt sick to my stomach. It was not just the fact that I am Pro-Life…but the fact that people were dancing, cheering, jumping up and down..as if they just won the Super Bowl or the lottery..When it comes to women making that choice, there are No Winners…Abortion is not a game, not a choice like picking out furniture or buying a car….unfortunately many will use their Abortion “choice” as a form of birth control or to not inconvenience their lives…the very sad part is some of these moral, ethical decisions are decided by 8 or 9 people and in this case 5 thought the law was unconstitutional while 3 did not..and the celebrations began… the whole issue of Abortion, of Life of Children and of Women who struggle with the thoughts of what to do when faced with an unwanted pregnancy is not something to celebrate but rather something to pray about…. Lawyers sitting on a bench cannot determine what is moral, what is ethical and what is a right given to ALL human beings by GOD…and that is LIFE… There will always be those that think Abortion is perfectly fine..those that may have some limitations and others, like myself, that believe it is NEVER ok…each Human Life has a right to exist…but the issue of Abortion itself should always be looked upon as a serious issue, with consequences for the woman, for the man, for the extended family and of course for the victim that never gets a chance at life… Abortions affect many people and in the end, society..so I say to all of you that felt like dancing, cheering and partying because of a decision of five people today…”May God look out for you and give you the wisdom to appreciate Life and even if you always feel that a woman should be able to make this choice….at least understand that ending a life, no matter how or why..is never a reason to celebrate.”