A Goodbye Letter to President Obama from a Conservative American.

Dear President Obama,

Many, like myself, did not vote for you and did not agree with many decisions you made while in office. As you realized when elected you were never going to please everyone or get 100% of Americans to support your decisions. As most administrations go it is usually close to 50/50 on the political divide. We have seen much anger and political back/forth over the past 8 years and especially this last as the 2016 candidates threw their hat into the ring. Contrary to what you have said, as well as many in the Democratic party, the reason most of us conservatives did not agree with you was strictly because of policy differences and not the color of your skin. Americans will always have differences of opinion and the ability to express them is a foundation of our Democracy. I wish you and your family peace, good health and many blessings as you become a private citizen and although I did not agree with you on much of your decisions I do appreciate the effort you made and the sacrifices you gave to serve the nation. I would just ask that as you move forward and write books/give speeches or have any influence on the Democratic party that you use that ability to show that most Americans do not judge people based on race, skin color or religion but the decisions, character, and results they may have from a job they are asked to do. I know you have mentioned your legacy on policies but if you really want to have an impact on America’s future please help show people how to be peaceful to one another and respect that we do differ when it comes to political and social issues and that respectful conversation and communication is the best way to achieve peace within our own nation. God Bless!

Eric Grunor


Election is Legitimate because Americans can think for themselves.


Dear Congressman Lewis. I find it insulting that you feel the election of Donald Trump is not legitimate. Your comments reflect that you feel only the information that was learned by the hacking of e-mails caused me and millions of other Americans to vote for Donald Trump. The hypocritical part of your argument is John Podesta and Hillary Clinton never denied any of the information as being false, and the DNC never denied they were trying the sway the primary in her direction. If I were to accept your argument about an illegitimate election than Hillary Clinton should never have been the DNC candidate in the general election. Americans form their own opinion on what they feel is true and relevant and what is not. The Constitution DOES NOT say that an election will be invalid if Americans vote based on information they learn about the candidates if the source of the information was not first approved by the candidates. For many, the information that came out only re-enforced what we already knew and how we felt.  I feel sad for you and all the other Democrats that look at their neighbors and co-workers (1/2 of America) and feel that they are not smart enough to have an opinion that may be different from yours and not able to vote for a candidate of their own will.  If you truly feel ALL Americans deserve respect and should be treated equal than please understand that you are not smarter than anyone else and All Americans can form their own thoughts and vote accordingly. I pray you find peace in your life and one day conclude that no matter one’s color of skin, candidate of choice, party affiliation or any idea that may differ from yours..as Children of GOD we are ALL legitimate.


Be thankful to GOD for your life and stop complaining about election.


When the Liberals, the MSM and the rest of those with hurt feelings understand that people who voted for Trump were not looking for a robot, a political puppet, or even a role model maybe they will stop screaming “why” and “how could you” and realize that not everyone sees the world the same way.  Many, like myself, are Pro-Life and would do anything we could to reduce, if not eliminate, the ending of innocent lives. We felt we needed to strengthen our military, gain more clout around the globe and eliminate politics as usual. We wanted an outsider with a business mind to get people to find common areas to work together and make good deals.  We want our police to understand we appreciate them, our veterans to understand we are indebted to them and to understand that just because some of us may have white skin we are not automatically racist.  All the noise that the Anti-Trump folks make is just that, irrelevant nonsense. So Mr. Trump tweets, he speaks his mind, is not always scripted and sometimes lets his emotions out. Wow, that sounds like most of us. We do not look at the Office of Presidency as a King, as a higher power, or a deity. It is a job to work for the American people. He is not doing it for recognition, money or fame, he already had them…but to make a difference and bring his business abilities to Washington.  So instead of crying in a corner and wondering how you are going to survive the next 8 years, get up each day, thank GOD for your life, be grateful, respect others and make a difference.


Hypocritical Hollywood to judge others!


As I caught a few minutes of the Golden Globes and heard the likes of Meryl Streep and others continue the “Hollywood” rhetoric towards our new President I would like to respond to all the so-called celebrities that feel they are better and morally superior to our next Commander-in- Chief.  Many of these same people have no problem appearing in movies, TV shows, or singing songs that promote immorality. Some will be in despicable sex scenes, will portray characters that cheat on their spouses, take illegal drugs, use foul language and commit hideous crimes. Many movies and songs have to have a rating to only allow adults to watch or listen. These celebrities will claim it is “art” but will have no problem promoting the immorality of our society if the price is right and they can become famous. You have to be very naïve to think that the “art” in which they receive their income from is just entertainment and has no bearing on our society.  Many actual crimes have been committed after the person saw a similar act in a movie.  Many of these “celebrities” also promote the moral demise of our society by publicly showing us their personal life. Whether it is the divorces, the drug addictions, the wild parties etc. they all have influence over the younger generation.  We are a free country and everyone is entitled to earn a living how they want but before any stone is cast one should look in the mirror and see how they are influencing the world around them and how much damage they are doing.  These celebrities may be good at their craft but many will cause more harm to our society than any politician ever will. So instead of judging others, how about using your talent to promote family values, good morals and positive images?  Last I checked “Glitz and Glamour” is not a moral standard.