Election is Legitimate because Americans can think for themselves.


Dear Congressman Lewis. I find it insulting that you feel the election of Donald Trump is not legitimate. Your comments reflect that you feel only the information that was learned by the hacking of e-mails caused me and millions of other Americans to vote for Donald Trump. The hypocritical part of your argument is John Podesta and Hillary Clinton never denied any of the information as being false, and the DNC never denied they were trying the sway the primary in her direction. If I were to accept your argument about an illegitimate election than Hillary Clinton should never have been the DNC candidate in the general election. Americans form their own opinion on what they feel is true and relevant and what is not. The Constitution DOES NOT say that an election will be invalid if Americans vote based on information they learn about the candidates if the source of the information was not first approved by the candidates. For many, the information that came out only re-enforced what we already knew and how we felt.  I feel sad for you and all the other Democrats that look at their neighbors and co-workers (1/2 of America) and feel that they are not smart enough to have an opinion that may be different from yours and not able to vote for a candidate of their own will.  If you truly feel ALL Americans deserve respect and should be treated equal than please understand that you are not smarter than anyone else and All Americans can form their own thoughts and vote accordingly. I pray you find peace in your life and one day conclude that no matter one’s color of skin, candidate of choice, party affiliation or any idea that may differ from yours..as Children of GOD we are ALL legitimate.


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