The Presidential Debates should be about God and Country, Not Sound Bites !

The upcoming debates with both parties are going to be nothing more than the same old story. We will hear the same answers that we have heard on all the talk shows, social media and the web. The host of the debates will try to get a “Gotcha” moment to make a headline. The candidates will try to trip each other up but with all the instant media we pretty much know where the candidates stand on most issues..This is what I propose.

Let’s just get to the bottom line. I would ask the following.  “Do you believe in God and do you think God’s teachings should be what guides our country?”

I hope at least a few would have the guts to say “Yes they do” without worrying about offending anyone or missing out on someone’s votes. Then the rest of the debate can be spent on hearing “How” they are going to do this. God should be the main theme, not a taboo subject.

We have a lot of issues in this country. If we put God first, the solutions will become obvious. The debate will then be are we strong enough to listen to God’s words or are we, as a society, going to be like historical Egypt, Rome or Greece, and other societies and think we are going to last forever only to fall as they did by going against God’s wisdom.   For those that want to argue “Separation of Church and State”, understand what that really means… The Federal Gov’t cannot establish a religion but it does not prevent the ability to worship God. We came from God, and we need to let God back into our Country.

Ok Candidates, let’s see who really has the strength to put God First and help our Country get back on track.

In God we trust


Planned Parenthood Promotes Lies and is Killing Our Society!

I am disgusted. It is no secret that I do not believe in abortion. I understand there are those that think differently, including friends of mine. I still love and respect them and I am always available and willing to have a civil discussion on the topic with anyone. What disgusts me is this. The number one abortion center in America (Planned Parenthood), which does between 30% – 40% of all Abortions each year, promotes lies.  On their own website this is what they say about women who may be thinking about an abortion.

“Serious, long-term emotional problems after abortion are about as uncommon as they are after giving birth. They are more likely to happen for certain reasons-for instance, if a woman has a history of emotional problems before the abortion. Ultimately, most women feel relief after an abortion.”

Basically they are telling women that unless you had a history of emotional problems prior to being pregnant you will probably have no emotional issues after..and you will be relieved. Consider this, Planned Parenthood performed over 325,000 Abortions last year (or about 37 per hour, 1 every 95 seconds…) I live in Denton TX with a Population of 123,000.  Planned Parenthood helped end the lives of 2.5 times the population of my city in one year. I do not have to be a woman to know that the statements from Planned Parenthood are lies. Most women who have had abortions, regardless of their thoughts on the morality of them, will have emotions regarding them…many will never forget, nor will they ever stop wondering what if…What if that baby was born? What would they be like? What would they look like? What joy would that baby have brought to the world?…some will carry guilt, have depression, etc.

Another section of the Planned Parenthood website says this:

..”But parents often give up a lot for their children.  Meeting a child’s needs can be very challenging. Parents deal with less sleep and less time to do the things they need and want to do.  Having a baby is expensive, and many people find it hard to support their children.  Having children can also put a parent’s school plans on hold.  Many people find that having a child can test the strongest relationship. And if you are single parenting, you may find it more difficult to find and keep a relationship.”

Millions of tax dollars goes to this organization that promotes lies and makes it very easy for a woman who is considering an abortion to move forward. So according to Planned Parenthood an abortion will not cause any emotional issues, and will save the mother a lot of money, not inconvenience them and help them stay in or find a relationship.

If our gov’t continues to support organizations like this that promote abortions because of reasons including financial burdens on individuals and society we may as well call ourselves China…

Certainly glad Mary and Joseph didn’t think their baby was going to be a financial burden or inconvenience to them.

God Help Us!

Children are a gift of the Lord

Psalm 127:3