The Presidential Debates should be about God and Country, Not Sound Bites !

The upcoming debates with both parties are going to be nothing more than the same old story. We will hear the same answers that we have heard on all the talk shows, social media and the web. The host of the debates will try to get a “Gotcha” moment to make a headline. The candidates will try to trip each other up but with all the instant media we pretty much know where the candidates stand on most issues..This is what I propose.

Let’s just get to the bottom line. I would ask the following.  “Do you believe in God and do you think God’s teachings should be what guides our country?”

I hope at least a few would have the guts to say “Yes they do” without worrying about offending anyone or missing out on someone’s votes. Then the rest of the debate can be spent on hearing “How” they are going to do this. God should be the main theme, not a taboo subject.

We have a lot of issues in this country. If we put God first, the solutions will become obvious. The debate will then be are we strong enough to listen to God’s words or are we, as a society, going to be like historical Egypt, Rome or Greece, and other societies and think we are going to last forever only to fall as they did by going against God’s wisdom.   For those that want to argue “Separation of Church and State”, understand what that really means… The Federal Gov’t cannot establish a religion but it does not prevent the ability to worship God. We came from God, and we need to let God back into our Country.

Ok Candidates, let’s see who really has the strength to put God First and help our Country get back on track.

In God we trust


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