Once Upon A Time In America!

Once upon a time “America Did Not Negotiate With Terrorists”…Now we leave an 800 million dollar embassy compound and millions of dollars of high tech weapons that will be used against us and our allies. These same politicians want us to “trust” them in how they want us to handle a virus after they told us to wear a mask, stay home, shut down businesses, close schools, then get a shot, a second shot and soon a third shot, wear a mask again, and then prove you got a shot to travel, eat out, go to college, and see entertainment. All while our “leaders” want to raise taxes, spend a trillion dollars on many “pet projects” and claim a picture ID at a voting booth is racist. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice…When we elect Greedy, Power Hungry, Political Fools…we will live in a country that will be Greedy and Foolish. Yes….Shame on All of Us!!!!