Do more than just vote one day a year!

Remember…voting is one action we can all do to have our voice heard… However, it is only one day of the year… What we do, How we live, How we treat our neighbors, etc.. everyday of the year makes our vote more credible and our country that much better. Don’t just vote…if we want a better country… we need to be better people. If we want a country that balances it’s federal budget, we need to balance our home finances, if we want a country that treats people with kindness…then we need to treat people with kindness … if we want more opportunity then we need to see how we can help someone better themselves, if we want a safe a secure neighborhood, then we need to get to know our neighbors and be willing to help one another and look out for those doing bad things…if we want our politicians to represent us…then we need to be the type of people that gives them the example.


Don’t Take Voting For Granted!

In many states early voting will begin soon. Our nation has gotten so divided politically that many people get anxiety from just the word “election” or mentioning a political party or candidate. As I approach my third time as an Election Day Judge I know our system is not perfect. I know that no matter how much security or processes are in place there will always be opportunity for bad people to do bad things. That is part of life. We will always have people with bad intentions…however, just like those that may be victims of crimes, scams in relationships, etc…we don’t stop living or stop looking for opportunities to trust and be around other people…and we should not stop voting. Our Nation is not perfect, our election system is not perfect, but it can only improve, just as our nation can only improve, if we all participate in the process. Voting in the United States is not only a Constitutional Right for citizens, but a privilege. Many nations still do not have the freedoms we take for granted. As much as the past 25 years has sewed division and angst among many Americans, especially with the influx of social media, we are still Very Blessed to call America our home. So let’s all take the opportunity to “vote” our conscience, vote our heart, vote to be a part of the process. God never tells us life will be without challenges…our Founding Fathers never wrote about a Country without issues…but we are granted Life by God and a Nation from those with a vision of something never tried, a nation of hope, freedom, innovation and opportunity….America can survive and prosper but we need its citizens to stand up and be a part of the process… let’s all vote and express our voice.