Politics is not the answer…we are asking the wrong questions!

What politicians and the media never want to address and is probably the one thing All Americans can agree to work towards, is the following. Yes, people are angry, people are tired, fed up, and a bunch of other emotions we all get around election time. Add the virus and everything else 2020 has thrown at us and we have what we have. The question is what is it about certain people that can cause them to hurt others and or destroy property?

Both political ideals have “extremes”, those that have no regard for human life or property or society. The question is what drives them to that point, to just not care? Some can be called racism, some can be called criminal or whatever else, but these human beings have let hate take them over. Those with love in their heart do not put a knee on someone’s throat until they die, they don’t set fires to buildings or shoot people in the street because of the wrong gang colors. Hate that spreads is on all of us. No one is born with hate. It is learned and we, as a society, let it happen. We, as a society, will be the ones to fix it. We have to.

So, if we stop taking sides, stop making it all political and stop thinking the election in November will remove hate we are at least taking a step in the right direction. We can’t legislate love or legislate the removal of hate. Let’s work on the root of why some in our society lose sight of common decency and respect for fellow man regardless of differences. Why do some let Anger and Hate control their actions while most do not? We are Americans and all part of God’s family. We need to stop trying to change political agendas and start to work towards changing hearts.

Comments welcome but let’s do so without blame or being political. It has to start somewhere.