How Michigan and Texas Represent America.

As a political party is about to have their 2nd Debate in Detroit I am reminded of the many years I lived in SE Michigan. (Middle School, High School and College) Michiganders, just like those in Texas, where I have called home for the last 25 years, are some of the hardest working, kindest and proud Americans. Just like Texans, the people of Michigan have strong opinions about what they believe but if a neighbor, friend, or co-worker is in need they will give the shirt off their back and sacrifice themselves to help others. I learned a lot from the people in Michigan during my formative years, one being that it does not matter what you do in this world, sitting behind a desk, being on an assembly line, plowing snow, etc. but a hard day’s work, an honest day’s work, and one where you respect others is the best way to live. I have been blessed to live in Michigan as a child through early adulthood and Texas for most of my adult life and although each state has some differences, each are a good representation of the best parts of this great nation. So, if we ignore the typical rhetoric of another political cycle and focus on the best parts of our nation, the people, we can have less anger, less stress and less headaches and continue to thank God for the opportunity to live here.