Happy New Year! More than just words.


We wish each other “Happy New Year”, and these shouldn’t be words that are just meant for being polite. In any given year, or day for that matter, we find ourselves facing challenges, dealing with stress, or having to make difficult decisions. We often have to deal with the loss of loved ones and seeing turmoil both within our own family, community and around the world. In spite of what is thrown at us, we all have the ability to find peace, bring joy and share love. The recent losses of both a dear family friend and my cousin reminded me that for whatever time we have on this Earth and no matter how bad our moments may seem we can still make the world a better place. A smile, a hug and a genuine interest in caring for others can make a difference. Each of us controls what we do and how we react and with the Grace of GOD we know that we can be forgiven when we make mistakes. Our own lives are but a blip in the history of mankind but we have the opportunity to make it mean something and to positively affect all the tomorrows that lie ahead. I can only imagine what the world would be like if we each are able to find reasons to be happy and to share the love and joy that GOD has given us with others. So to all my friends, family and acquaintances I wish you a very Happy New Year!