National News Networks should take example of Local News.


The 24-Hour National News Networks fill the airways with a mix of news/opinions/pundits/discussions etc. These networks no longer just represent the reporting of news but rather the shaping of news and what they want America to hear and feel.  Most local newscasts have 30 minutes to deliver local and national news, weather, and sports.  Some of the stations will also have a local “feel good story” and maybe even a “consumer advocate piece” a few times a week. The total amount of time spent on National/Political news might be 5-10 minutes.  Local newscasts deliver facts and let the viewers decide how to feel. The 24-hour networks feel they have a right to offer their opinion as part of the news, that somehow their paid pundits are more of an expert than an average citizen who thinks for themselves. These networks used to do a better job of separating the news from opinions by having different shows throughout the day, now it is all mixed together and even the journalists offer opinions.  Some felt slighted when local stations were invited to participate in the White House Press Briefings via Skype. This shows the arrogance of these networks that they alone are the experts of news and local stations are beneath them. This should have been applauded as more access to the press and not just the self-imposed media elite.  When National News Networks can be thought of as Liberal or Conservative then they are no longer News Networks, but rather Entertainment Networks centered around political news stories.  A news journalist’s role is to report facts, investigate stories and keep a check on those in power. It is not to create, shape or push a political agenda based on the station’s particular audience.


We should no longer just accept “Unnamed Source” as truth.


It is time the media changes its ways as more and more Headlines are based on “Unnamed Sources” and “Someone Close To” or “A Person Inside the White House, CIA, FBI etc.” These stories that are reported are for headlines and done without the regard of fact. One person’s opinion that may be given to a reporter does not make it a story. Shame on the media for becoming less about fact and more about ratings.  If indeed one of these Sources has information then the reporter needs to do a true investigation and find out the facts before reporting anything. The days of making a call to a department to get an inside opinion and then reporting as 100% fact needs to end.  A Free Press is only Free when it is also Honest and Trustworthy!


The Hypocrisy of Democrats and the Opportunity for Republicans


The Democrats new argument to keep Obamacare is “As Christians, our whole philosophy in life is to pull up the unfortunate.” These are the same people who claim Gov’t should not force any religion onto society but now claim This Gov’t Mandated Program is OK because they believe it to be “Christian”.  In other words, these Liberals “Found GOD” now that Republicans are controlling the White House and Congress. However, forcing people to pay into a system that provides and pays for things such as Abortions and other procedures certainly are not Biblical. If we were to accept their argument than we need to force people to pay monthly to the local Homeless Shelter and Food Bank or fine them if they don’t because a bigger issue than health care and one that should be unacceptable in the United States of America (with all our resources) is the number of homeless and hungry, especially children. On a given day more than 500,000 people have no shelter and more than 15 million homes in America struggle to have enough food. Many of these Americans who struggle for shelter and have malnutrition end up getting sick and have other complications. Let’s fix the cause of many health issues and not just put a “band aid” on it for political reasons.  I have heard those that claim it is a fundamental right to have health care. I agree it should be available, but it should not be forced. No other rights are forced. We are not forced to vote, we are not forced to worship, we are not forced to speak or protest but we have the right if we choose. The ability to have adequate necessities of life; Food, Clothing and Shelter (especially for children) should be a priority for both political parties and now is the opportunity for everyone in Washington to work together.