The March from Selma, what have we learned after 50 years?

As I write this I want to be clear, I am a white male and as much as I try to understand what African Americans feel regarding the past (civil rights, slavery etc.) I can’t truly feel what they do, nor do I expect others to truly understand how I feel regarding my relatives that had to deal with the horrors of the Holocaust or atheists trying to understand why people don’t just convert from Christianity instead of being murdered by terrorists.   The point is we all have experienced or have relatives that have experienced atrocities.  Whether it was perpetrated by individuals or a government, history has shown since the beginning of time, terrible things have occurred and individuals have been treated in a way that goes against God’s teachings. We still see this today and probably will until the end of mankind.  We as a people are born pure, it is only what we are taught or experienced that teach us to hate or have a prejudice against others…those that become terrorists are a prime example that learning to hate is a way of life in certain cultures.  The 50 year anniversary of the March from Selma is a good reminder of where our country once was, how far we have come and how far we still have to go.  The Media /Entertainment World and some Politicians are the first to criticize and place blame on others for some of the issues that still exist.  However, outside of one’s individual family, friends and faith teachings, the media/entertainment is where many learn to place blame, to see and hear about the negative, and to see the world as other’s want them to. TV/Movies that show African American’s as victims, Jewish Men as power-hungry and Christian Men as Bible thumpers feed into all the stereo types that Dr. King tried to move away from 50 years ago.  The Talking Heads on news channels and politicians that call people bigots and racists and play the victim card only increase the anger and prejudice that exists in some and teach others to hate.  Peace and Love will not come from calling each other names, but for taking individual responsibility and asking ourselves “What can I do to show love and be a beneficial part of society?” God created ALL people with the capability to do amazing things.  Obstacles will occur but if we focus on the Good and continue to show/teach all that is good in this world maybe those that want to hate will no longer have anyone that will listen to them.

Eric Grunor


Congress should embrace the Prime Minister of Israel

With the pending speech by Prime Minister Netanyahu this week, Washington leaders have a chance to show the world we are united with one of our most important Allies.  The President could have led by example and simply stated that although he would have liked the Speaker of the House to have consulted him on the invitation and despite the differences with the political parties we should embrace the Prime Minister’s visit and listen to his concerns so we can work towards protecting All the Democratic Nations from Nuclear Threats and groups such as ISIS that are trying to systematically  eliminate Christians, Jews and even Muslims that believe in peace and love. The President’s lack of leadership and those Democratic Congressmen that want to protest the speech show that their concern is more about personal pride and school yard bullying than being leaders and putting the security of our Nation and those of our Allies first.  Any member of Congress that “protests” the speech should be ashamed of themselves and should expect to hear from their voters during the next election.  Mr. President, you failed in this opportunity to show leadership instead of acting on hurt feelings!

Eric Grunor, citizen