eagle cryingProtests, Violence and Elections. You can say it is a shame this is happening or you can say that no one should be surprised. Over the past decade there has been much anger in our country. Many people believe that they have a right to commit crimes, a right to escalate peaceful protests into violence or make statements that are knowingly false to hurt others. When people were rioting in the streets of Baltimore & St. Louis we heard very little to stop the violence, just a lot of blaming. The same is true as we watch violence in Chicago and other locations during political rallies. We hear blame being cast against those whose words cause some to be angry. The media outlets and political pundits seem to miss the point that violence SHOULD NEVER be the answer to spoken words that may be upsetting. It is no secret that people are angry. People are angry that those that have been elected to represent “the people” year after year seem to represent themselves and their decisions are based on getting ‘re-elected’ rather than long term solutions…however, they keep getting re-elected “by the people”..so we are all to blame. People that are hungry, homeless, un-employed and with little hope will lash out. People who are frustrated will listen to those that promote violence and will act in a way that defies consequences. Both political parties during this election have stayed away from talking about one of the biggest problems we have in society today yet two of the most popular presidents in the history of our great nation, a Democrat and a Republican, both had the same idea…Individual Responsibility…Giving to this country before you should ever expect the country to give to you…Many of these political protesters are chanting for Bernie Sanders…both he and Hillary Clinton want to give everyone “Free Tuition” among other things …It is sad that both Democratic and even some Republican candidates never talk about giving to this country…volunteering at a homeless shelter, helping with the local community…maybe earning credits towards an associate degree at a community college through community service, and possibly earning a scholarship or working to offset the cost of the next two years towards a bachelor’s degree… If anyone is responsible for igniting the violence at political rallies it is those that put thoughts in the minds of people that they are entitled to what someone else has…Our Declaration of Independence states “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” it does not state that everyone should drive the same car, earn the same amount, or have the same degree. History will show that this is not uncommon in civilized societies….but it is those societies, including our own that work through the anger and realize that at the end of the day we are All Americans…and we all have a right to an opinion. The Constitution does not work if one side does not allow the other to assemble and speak. There is a reason groups like ISIS are able to recruit young people…they are looking to blame others for their situation and are told violence is the way to accomplish change. Hitler used his words to blame others for their county’s situation and the promise of “a better life” if they use violence and oppress anyone that is not like them. The majority of people that choose to protest or speak out against others do so in a non-violent, peaceful manner…but we, as a society, are letting the minority voices promote blame instead of responsibility. My suggestion to those that Do Not want a particular candidate to win an election…go promote your candidate of choice…stand up and be a positive example to others instead of promoting the anger and hate you claim to be against. We may not always agree with someone’s words but actions and violence have consequences both today and long term. America is great when we all take responsibility for what our country is and can be in the future. God Bless America.