The Media, In Spite Of Themselves, Continues to Actually Help Trump.


Once again, just like two years ago, we should thank the Media, Left Wing Protesters, and even most of the Democratic Politicians. For those of us who have supported Donald Trump we did so because we knew he was a fighter for what he believed in. He was a fighter for what he feels is for the good of the country and strives on “counter punching” attacks from whatever direction they may come. We saw Republican politicians finally stand up to the media circus, the violent and vulgar protests, and the smear campaign against a good man in Judge Kavanaugh. President Trump seems to do the most when he is attacked, when he is criticized, and when he is threatened. He has succeeded beyond expectations these past two years because he’s had no choice. Our Country is in good shape and getting better and the Democratic platform is still “No Trump” without any substance. Republican Politicians win when they take the example from the Country’s Leader and get the work done in spite of those that try to stop it. So thank you CNN, Thank You MSNBC, Thank You Pelosi, Schumer, Booker and the whole lot of you for inciting your followers to show the dark side of our country. We will continue to be a United Nation, will continue to be strong, and continue to improve because most Americans don’t want what the media circus promotes and believes in civility and respect for one another regardless of political/social opinions. GOD BLESS AMERICA.


The Silence & Hypocrisy of Kaepernick and Other Flag Kneelers during the Supreme Court Hearings.



For two years we have seen people kneel during our National Anthem for what they claim is to bring attention to improper justice in the Judicial/Legal System. They want to bring attention to those that may be stopped, arrested, and even convicted without proper evidence. They want to bring attention to those that may be harassed based on skin color without proper cause. Yet, we have seen studies that show anywhere from 2%-10% of all Sexual Abuse Accusations prove to be false. So for every 100 Accusations 2-10 men have their lives torn apart only to be falsely jailed or at best lose their reputation and watch their name and family be dragged through the mud. While all accusations should be taken seriously and investigated it is surprising the Silence from the likes of Kaepernick who have been preaching Equal Justice For All and the idea of Innocence Until Proven Guilty with Facts to Prove It. Judge Kavanaugh was accused of a serious incident and there has been no proof that it has occurred except the word of one individual. Other accusations have even less credibility. The folks that want to have a conversation of Equal Justice and the idea of Innocent Until Proven Guilty should take a look at their silence and ask themselves do they really care about improving our judicial system or has it all been for show and a shoe contract?


Americans have a right to think for themselves without being labeled.


The current Supreme Court controversy falls in line with the Democratic stance on Anti-Police, Illegal Immigration and Flag Kneeling. We are seeing protests and speeches that say if Judge Kavanaugh is put on the Supreme Court than Republicans don’t care about abuse towards women. Very similar to the same rhetoric that says if you are trying to stop illegal immigration you are against human rights and if you don’t like people kneeling for the National Anthem you are OK with Police Brutality. What the Democrats want to do is to paint people with a broad stroke. Put people into groups. According to them if you are not convinced with the evidence that has come out regarding this Supreme Court nominee then you don’t care about Abuse. Same kind of rhetoric that if you are African-American you vote Democratic, if you are a woman you vote Democratic, if you work in a labor union you vote Democratic, etc.… The Democratic Party continues to tell people how to think and how to feel. They continue to accuse ½ the country of what Clinton liked to call “Deplorables”. While the Republicans talk about policy, Democrats talk about Republicans. Americans are free to think, free to evaluate, free to pick what is important to them, and most of all, free to vote for who they want. When you blame ½ the country of doing and allowing terrible things you start down a road of “divide and conquer” and history shows us what happens if that kind of philosophy wins. The Jews were blamed for all the ills of Germany and were told by their political leaders to hate them. NOV. 6th is very important for all Americans. GOD BLESS AMERICA!