Civility Is All Of Our Responsibility!


Leadership should not be from Politicians, The Media, Athletes or Hollywood. The future of our country, the future of how neighbors talk to one another, how people discuss differences and how our country will come back together will be from the examples that are set throughout communities in places such as work, schools, places of worship & even coffee shops.  It is up to all of us to set the example and then for our elected officials to follow our lead of civility, kindness and respect. The current anger did not just happen, it has built up over the past few administrations and fueled with the help of new technology. We should not wait to see a political party or individual, let alone a news station, change their ways. We, as average citizens, of this Great Nation, are responsible for what our country is and neither One Person, Party, or TV Network is solely responsible. When we wake up each day we each have a choice, a choice to speak and act in a way that is kind and respectful. If we, as individuals, can not do it ourselves then we should not have expectations that others will either.  Our Country belongs to each of us and we are all responsible for its future. GOD Bless America!


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