News Networks are the Voice of Hollywood!



Let’s look at the facts. The News Divisions of the major networks, along with Cable are part of Hollywood. Hollywood for the most part is Pro-Liberal, Pro-Democratic. Whether sports, news or entertainment, each network’s division is part of its corporation and ALL part of Hollywood and all about power and money. We saw the hypocrisy of Hollywood exposed with the Weinstein Scandal and the rampant “looking the other way” for years from the same people who are the loudest against President Trump and Conservatives. Hollywood and its News Divisions are trying to divide the country. Even this morning, one week before the Mid-Terms, commentators on CNN said that “There are Some Old White Men that do not think people of Puerto Rico should be able to vote” … no video of people saying this..just a statement from a commentator. People at MSNBC referred to the Caravan as “Migrants” and that our President should not use the military to stop peaceful migrants. FYI Morning Joe, Migrants are “Workers who moves from place to place to do seasonal work.” Migrants are not those seeking political asylum. People that want to move here for a better economic opportunity need to get in line. So yes, the caravan needs to be stopped. Let’s not forget other commentators that have referred to people like Dr. Ben Carson, Kanye West, as well as the group of African-American College leaders that recently attended the White House, as “Puppets’ and “Uncle Tom” The Democrats and Liberal News still talk about how a Vote for the Republicans is a vote to get rid of “Pre-Existing Conditions”..yet the Republicans have been in control of everything for the last two years and that has never once been suggested. The Media refers to President Trump’s Foreign policy as destroying our nation, yet he has diminished the ability of ISIS, reduced tensions with N. Korea, strengthened our military and encouraged other United Nation Members to pay more, as well as, re-negotiated Trade Deals in all less than 2 years. We see Great Britain leaving the EU. We see other nations across the Globe electing officials that are against open borders and believe in protecting one’s sovereignty.  Yes, the United States is part of a Global Economy and we have a vested interest in helping other countries but not to a point where it has a negative effect on our trade, economy and finances.  People need to vote their conscience, not be afraid to express their own beliefs, own viewpoint. In America, people have a right to vote for who they want and for whatever reason they choose to. If history looks at some of the biggest attempted “Takeovers” of our country we need to look no further than the Greed in Hollywood and their fear of losing their influence on society.


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