Say NO to Socialism, Say NO to the Democratic Agenda!


The economic growth and the low unemployment of African-Americans, Hispanic Americans, Women and just about every group of people shows what most already knew. Citizens do not want the Government to increase hand-outs. People just want opportunity. As we have seen, regardless of color of skin or gender, Americans are not afraid to work, they just want the opportunity to take care of themselves, their family, and control their own destiny. The Gov’t should be there to help those who need it, whether on a short term basis or longer due to a physical or medical reason, but Americans do not want to be dependent on the Government if they can avoid it. For too long certain members of the political establishment have pushed for more Government Control. They continue to push an agenda of “Let the Government Take Care of You” which means “Let the Government Control You”. When people are given all the necessities to live their ability to dream and control their own destiny becomes faded and their new reality is to let others determine what they can have, where they can live and what their future looks like. Say No to Socialism. Say No to the Democratic Agenda!


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