The Media Has Gone Too Far!


The Liberal Media has gone too far and needs to be stopped.  Yesterday was the tipping point. The tragedy in Pittsburgh leaving many dead at a Jewish Synagogue was another terrible day for America. However, even before all the next of kin were notified, before even the lunatic’s name was made public, CNN and MSNBC were blaming President Trump for this massacre. The Liberal Media has spent the majority of the past 30 months accusing Donald Trump of everything from being a Russian Puppet, to being Racist, Homophobic, Misogynistic, etc. The media consistently only reports their viewpoint and slant. Charlottesville did have people on both sides that wanted to hurt others as well as people who just wanted to peacefully protest. President Trump early on said that Mexico sends its criminals to the US. He didn’t say that All Mexicans were criminals but the people that make up gangs like MS13 come here illegally and are criminal but the media reports that “Trump says all Mexican Immigrants  are criminal” and has kept that narrative for two years running.  For every comment that the Media brings up it is only their interpretation and narrative. This week Luis Farrakhan referred to Jewish people as termites and basically got a pass from the media as well as the likes of former  President Obama and other Democrat Candidates. The Liberal Media received the biggest blow on election night 2016. For Months they reported that “Trump could never win”, “Hillary in a landslide” etc. Their experts had all the answers and on that one night they were all shown to be without credibility. They were exposed in their desire to create a narrative for people to believe and try to sway the public to their viewpoint.  After the election they could have re-evaluated their approach and gone back to reporting just facts or even presenting both sides to a story on how Americans may look at comments, events or other headlines from different viewpoints. Instead, they double downed and increased the one-sided reporting, even calling those that did not agree with their narrative “Despicable Americans”.  It is one thing to have an opinion but to accuse The President, who has been a bigger supporter of Israel than many of our recent presidents, of causing this Anti-Semitic attack is as untruthful as any story they have reported and they should apologize and maybe even lose their license. Shameful.


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