Hollywood is the example of what is wrong with our society !

Hollywood is the example of what is wrong with our society. The recent exposure of the perversion of a producer and those who stayed silent is not surprising. This type of behavior has been going on for decades in the “Land of Make Believe”. Many victims were too afraid to come forward and those that have made it to the pinnacle of stardom were too afraid to rock the boat and lose their ability to get lead roles and subsequent wealth. We have seen these hypocrites stand up and preach about the topic of the day, and against politicians and others that are in opposition to their view-point. However, these self-proclaimed celebrities are only famous because many choose to participate in Movies, TV Shows, and Music that glorifies violence, sexual perversion, adultery, drugs, alcohol abuse, and many other actions that are in opposition to how a society that puts GOD first would behave. Their “art” takes what should be shunned behavior and makes it funny, makes it trendy, and worst of all makes it acceptable. Before any actor/musician/writer stands up and preaches about how others should act maybe they should check their own actions and see if they are prostituting their morals in order to earn a paycheck under the disguise of “entertainment”. In the end, people will repeat what they see and hear, especially if it is glorified on a big screen or weekly TV show.


Hollywood Belongs in Hypocrisy Hell!

Now that a Hollywood “Self- Proclaimed Elite” has been exposed how long until groups like BLM will call for Weinstein’s arrest and indictment.. His disgusting acts would have continued if not for the recent NY Times article while Bill Cosby was on trial for acts he committed years earlier. Weinstein wants to go to rehab but he needs to go to jail, along with all of his “friends” that knew of his behavior or chose to ignore the rumors. Ironic that the real life of a Hollywood Movie Producer is a sad mirror image of many Hollywood scripts. The Hypocrisy of all those who have felt compelled to use their celebrity status to criticize and preach to others are the biggest sinners. There is a place in Hypocrisy Hell for the whole lot of them.


The Sad Hypocrisy of the Liberal Agenda

It was less than 24 hours after the massacre in Las Vegas that the Liberals started their chants of “gun control”. The streets are still blood stained and many still fighting for their lives in the local hospitals but instead of prayers and unity, the liberal politicians, media, and late night talk shows thought it appropriate to talk political agendas. I will respond with the following. Guns, like cars, planes, knives etc., are objects and can be used for good or bad depending on the person who controls it. Abortion, by definition, is the ending of a life. Most liberals believe in little or no restrictions on abortion and feel it is their “choice” to end a life but want restrictions on an object that by itself does nothing unless used by an individual. Free reign to end human life or restrictions on an object?  I will continue to pray for those hurt in Las Vegas while the Liberals can argue why a life that GOD has given us is less important than an object. GOD BLESS AMERICA !