The Sad Hypocrisy of the Liberal Agenda

It was less than 24 hours after the massacre in Las Vegas that the Liberals started their chants of “gun control”. The streets are still blood stained and many still fighting for their lives in the local hospitals but instead of prayers and unity, the liberal politicians, media, and late night talk shows thought it appropriate to talk political agendas. I will respond with the following. Guns, like cars, planes, knives etc., are objects and can be used for good or bad depending on the person who controls it. Abortion, by definition, is the ending of a life. Most liberals believe in little or no restrictions on abortion and feel it is their “choice” to end a life but want restrictions on an object that by itself does nothing unless used by an individual. Free reign to end human life or restrictions on an object?  I will continue to pray for those hurt in Las Vegas while the Liberals can argue why a life that GOD has given us is less important than an object. GOD BLESS AMERICA !


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