America Is At A Crossroads

The division in our society is becoming clearer and clearer. We have those that do not want to allow prayer during events because it might offend someone yet are fine allowing athletes to disrespect the American Flag and Anthem even though it offends millions. We have those that find an athlete like Tim Tebow to be disruptive but looks up to those like Kaepernick. We have those that would rather have every immigrant come to America while we have American Children starving and sleeping in shelters. We have those that want the Government to give them everything while we have others that work 2 or 3 jobs just to keep the lights on. We have those that will vandalize property during a protest but won’t allow others to give a speech. We have those that will use their skin color or religion as a reason why people may not like them and scream “racism” when it is they who have no respect for others. We have those that pay little or no taxes yet are the first to push for others to pay more.  We have those that blame others for all of their struggles yet take no responsibility for their own actions. America is at a crossroads. We can come together and be stronger as a nation but first we must put GOD back into our society. Individuals cannot determine what is ultimately right and wrong as many will have various viewpoints and thought processes. If we use Biblical teachings as a foundation we will at least have a shot at not destroying ourselves as many societies have done throughout history.


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