Health Care should not be political but based on common sense.

Health Care is really not that complicated… what most American’s want is affordable, accessible, quality care. We want to choose our own doctor and not be forced to pay for coverage’s we don’t believe in.  We want to go to the doctor if we feel sick and can’t diagnose or treat an ailment and we want to make sure our children grow up as healthy as possible. Somewhere along the line Health Care became more about Health Coverage and the number of people who have a policy vs. what these policies actually do and the benefits to the consumer. Today, an average family of 3 might have to pay $1,000 a month for premiums with a $6,000 deductible… that is $18,000 in cost to a family before insurance really kicks in..then you may still have a 20% co-insurance on top of that. Many doctors will no longer accept the types of policies that individuals have to buy because HMO’s force a doctor to only charge what the plan says and they end up having to see more patients to keep profitable so they spend less time with each and thus the quality goes down.  I believe most Americans would agree that children should be given the opportunity to grow up healthy as they don’t get to make too many decisions while young. Adults can choose to smoke, over eat, not exercise, take drugs, live a certain lifestyle and a variety of other factors that may or may not cause issues..children are dependent on their parents and have very little say. If Washington can agree to make sure our children have access to health care one way or another, and adults have affordable, accessible, and quality care then maybe together the stubborn fools in Congress can actually get something done. Health Care should not be political but based on common sense.


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