Athletes Protesting Anthem Short-Sighted

Those protesting the American Flag and National Anthem don’t truly understand what they stand for. Of course, they represent the men and women who fought for and continue to put their lives on the line to protect our freedom. We should also remember that being a proud American is not just about the struggles and dreams of those in the past but also those living today and our next generation. We honor and remember people like Dr. King who worked to improve our society knowing his life was in danger. We think of those such as Rosa Parks who had the courage to say “NO” and changed history. We’re thankful for George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and others who had political and military roles during the foundation and critical points in our history. We also recognize the local teacher, truck driver, mom, dad, etc. who work hard every day to take care of their family, our children, and continue to make America the envy of the world. The American Flag and our National Anthem is not about one person, one event or any social issue, it is about our past, present, and future as well as the American Dream that ALL people both here and abroad wish for.  Our Country is young compared to many around the globe and we certainly have had, and continue to have issues that can be improved.  Although it is everyone’s right to protest, sit, kneel or raise a fist remember that these symbols represent more than one person’s thoughts or feelings, it is about an entire nation and all that we have endured, and all that we have yet to accomplish. Just the fact that our Constitution gives the right to protest without legal repercussions should make all the athletes and others Thank GOD that they are in America and grateful for the opportunity they have.


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