Liberal Outrage Misplaced!

It is interesting to hear all the outrage regarding DACA and immigration. In 2012 President Obama acted without Congress and now ½ the country is upset with a President who is giving Congress 6/mo. to finally get immigration reform passed otherwise the laws on the books will be followed. The outrage needs to be against members of Congress, both parties. Whether Health Care, Immigration or even Taxes, Congress has a history of pushing things down the road or if they do act it is to appease a certain sector of the population and about votes. Those in Congress must balance how to help those in need but also not to hurt others. A small portion of the American population benefited from Obamacare but most were hurt by higher premiums and lose of doctors. Adjusting a tax rate up or down does not really solve a problem of loop holes, those not paying any tax and those who cheat the system. Immigration is about people, not just those that want to come to America but also American Citizens and those who have come here legally. Our Schools are failing. We have too many students per teachers, old buildings, old supplies, and programs being cut. Our prisons are over- crowded and many immigrants who came to America by not exactly following the rules use resources based on their need. No one is saying the majority of people (including those who came here legally or not) are not hard-working, kind, and giving people. However, if we don’t fix our basic foundations and make sure those who followed the rules have the best opportunities for the American Dream we should not be extending that privilege to others.


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