My Challenge To The Media, Washington, & Hollywood.

As an Average American I have reached out to individuals in the Media, Washington, and even Hollywood to challenge them to Mature Conversations on topics in which they freely insult others that have opposing viewpoints to their own, which has caused division, and in some cases violence throughout our Nation. The only response I ever get back is silence or insults. Most Americans respect and understand differences yet most in the Media, Washington and Hollywood feel it appropriate to use derogatory and offensive language because they have the audience and ability to reach millions of listeners, readers etc. It is cowardly to use these platforms to divide a nation but unwilling to have Mature Conversations with Average Americans of different viewpoints.  Most people do care about things, (Economy, Immigration, Taxes, Health Care, Education, Abortion, Military etc.) but we have different views that if shared could only lead to a better understanding and the opportunity to find solutions that can improve our society. Working together does not mean we will always agree or even understand, but when people share their thoughts, listen and respect others great things can happen.  For most of America this occurs already on a daily basis yet The Media, Washington and Hollywood keep dividing and inciting anger and hatred. So I challenge those with the ability to reach large audiences to have mature, respectful conversations with those you disagree with. If you are not able, or choose not to do this, then I ask you to please turn off the microphone, camera and computer and let those that want to live peacefully, with respect for all, be the voice of our Nation.


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