What Thanksgiving is Really About!

Thanksgiving is an interesting Holiday as each individual and each family have their own story and traditions….we forget that the Holiday itself has a special place in our beginnings…before the climate to remove names of sports teams with Native American Mascots, and before all historical Americans and explorers were villainized by the actions of a few….there were over 50 years of cooperation and shared habitation between the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians. American History is made up of good and bad people, good and bad actions, and a legacy of the evolution of what we are today and what we can be tomorrow. Thanksgiving is really about how we started, how we respected people with different language and culture and how a group of people dreamed of being free from tyranny and from religious persecution. When we look at our history we need to look at it all… not just the bad, not just the good… but ALL…Somehow learning and teaching American History has gotten political….but it is about people….those that came before us and the thousands of individual stories….and we must remember that hundreds of years from now future generations will look at us, those alive today, as historical figures from this time period…. And what do we really want them to see? It’s not about the small percentage that want to promote hate and anger…but the majority of Americans that still believe in what our nation stands for and its foundation…so may we all be Thankful for the Blessings of living in this nation, with all its troubles and disagreements. It is still the place that dreams are made from, still the place that is the envy of all other nations, and still the place where we can move about, choose our path, and worship without fear of death… America is not and will never be perfect, but it is a place we should all be proud of as it is our home and it is only as good as each of us make it… God Bless America!


20 years…we must never forget…or we will destroy ourselves!

20 years ago…an entire generation, those in College, High School and younger can only know of this terrible day from History books, the internet, and talking to those who were alive during that time. In a way similar to my generation learning about Dec. 7, 1941. The terrorists that carried an ideology in which killing innocent lives were justified because our way of life (freedom, capitalism, and treating people with respect including women, those with different sexual orientation and freedom to worship) went against everything those terrorists believed. Their goal, to destroy America…destroy our financial system, our transportation and our commerce. What is very sad… 20 years later we are destroying ourselves. We have politicians that criticize 1/2 the country for having different thoughts. We have neighbors criticizing each other for everything. We are killing each other in many ways and in doing so killing our nation. While we may have captured or killed some that were responsible for that day… we have given them
what they ultimately wanted. The destruction of America. If we have any soul left…we must, as a nation…Be Americans First and then work through our differences. If we forget that day, forget the terror, the fear and the blood… and let our differences destroy us than those who burned, jumped out of windows, were crushed, and died in such horrific ways, were for nothing. If we forget…then terrorists win. The Blood of lost Americans must be what gives us the strength to find a way to be unified as Citizens of this Great Nation. May God Help us use our past to have a future.


Once Upon A Time In America!

Once upon a time “America Did Not Negotiate With Terrorists”…Now we leave an 800 million dollar embassy compound and millions of dollars of high tech weapons that will be used against us and our allies. These same politicians want us to “trust” them in how they want us to handle a virus after they told us to wear a mask, stay home, shut down businesses, close schools, then get a shot, a second shot and soon a third shot, wear a mask again, and then prove you got a shot to travel, eat out, go to college, and see entertainment. All while our “leaders” want to raise taxes, spend a trillion dollars on many “pet projects” and claim a picture ID at a voting booth is racist. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice…When we elect Greedy, Power Hungry, Political Fools…we will live in a country that will be Greedy and Foolish. Yes….Shame on All of Us!!!!


The American Dream Does Exist… For Those That Want To Work For It!

What is Great about America is that no matter what your current job is (for those that want to work) it does not have to be your last job. What is Great about America is if you work hard, with a good attitude, and show to be an asset to a company, you will either get an increase in pay, a new position within the company at higher pay, or a new job with a different company with higher pay, or even start your own company…what is Great about America is if you do not like the location you live in you have the Freedom to move. What is Great about America is if you want to learn a skill or a trade you can go to school, you can take an on-line class, you can ask someone to mentor you. Some may cost money, but you do have the ability to earn an income (if you want to). For those that have ONLY lived in America and feel frustrated…the American Dream does indeed exist….it exists for every American…Over a million individuals come to America each year not because it is a perfect nation, but it does offer a Dream of Opportunity…. For Those That Want to Work For It. If you feel frustrated or are angry with our nation…. please talk with those that have lived somewhere else…. your perspective may change…and may understand HOW BLESSED WE ARE…God Bless America!


Together, We Are America!

Yesterday, there were parades and fireworks around our nation. Thousands and Thousands of Americans celebrated the beginning of a nation that we live in today. For those standing on the street watching floats or looking up to fireworks…those around you were your fellow American brothers and sisters…every skin color, ethnic background, economic status and political affiliation. There are still more of us that are Proud To Be Americans than those that aren’t. Never let the noise of the angry and hateful change our view of the truth. Together, we are America.


Independence Day is more than just a day!

When we look to our left and we look to our right we should be blessed on what we see…We are Free to Worship, Free to Work, Free to Play, Free to Travel, Free to Love and yes let’s not forget..Free to Disagree.

The Freedom of America continues not without sorrow and pain.

To all those who have sacrificed it shall Not be in vein.

We Are America Proud, America Strong and will never let those who want to take our Freedom away win. May God continue to Bless our Great Nation.


I Won’t Hate Back!

To my fellow Americans that want to push CRT, claim America is a racist country, and want to change our Flag, please read my words and take it to heart. I will never feel bad, apologize, or regret the color of my skin. Anyone that can have a conversation will learn that most white people today feel that slavery was an abomination, that Jim Crow laws were disgusting, and any form of discrimination is bad. Those that feel our Flag does not represent them I would ask why? Our flag is a symbol of a nation. A nation formed from a vision that All Men Are Created Equal. While our country has had politicians that have voted for and passed laws that were certainly against the Judeo-Christian Values it was founded upon, our nation has stood against tyranny, stood alongside other nations in their quest for freedom, and has been the most generous of countries when it comes to providing aid and support to those in need both within our own borders and to other nations as well. If you want to “hate” me because I love this country and my skin is white, then that is on you. I will not hate you back. Hate is a terrible emotion. If you are angry about some of the choices people and our political leaders have and still make, I am right there with you. Today, I am disgusted with abortion while you may think it is ok. I am disgusted with seeing hungry/homeless children in this country of abundance (I hope we share in this anger). I hate to see adults entering our nation illegally and using many of our resources and benefits while our own citizens are suffering in many ways. Our country has not been perfect, we have and continue to do things that we each may find abhorrent and may agree on some as well. However, for a country that is considered young compared to many others we have and continue to accomplish more than most and the benefits of America ever existing far exceeds the damage the bad decisions have caused. While we may disagree on some and agree on others, we are all Americans and equal as children of God. Hate me if you feel you must but I will pray for you and will always fight for your right to speak freely and to express your thoughts as I will express mine. America is not a bad nation but there are bad people. Despite the bad, The American Dream is still the envy of most around the world and even with some differences we can still work together to live in a nation we all are proud of. May God continue to Bless All Americans!


Politics is not the answer…we are asking the wrong questions!

What politicians and the media never want to address and is probably the one thing All Americans can agree to work towards, is the following. Yes, people are angry, people are tired, fed up, and a bunch of other emotions we all get around election time. Add the virus and everything else 2020 has thrown at us and we have what we have. The question is what is it about certain people that can cause them to hurt others and or destroy property?

Both political ideals have “extremes”, those that have no regard for human life or property or society. The question is what drives them to that point, to just not care? Some can be called racism, some can be called criminal or whatever else, but these human beings have let hate take them over. Those with love in their heart do not put a knee on someone’s throat until they die, they don’t set fires to buildings or shoot people in the street because of the wrong gang colors. Hate that spreads is on all of us. No one is born with hate. It is learned and we, as a society, let it happen. We, as a society, will be the ones to fix it. We have to.

So, if we stop taking sides, stop making it all political and stop thinking the election in November will remove hate we are at least taking a step in the right direction. We can’t legislate love or legislate the removal of hate. Let’s work on the root of why some in our society lose sight of common decency and respect for fellow man regardless of differences. Why do some let Anger and Hate control their actions while most do not? We are Americans and all part of God’s family. We need to stop trying to change political agendas and start to work towards changing hearts.

Comments welcome but let’s do so without blame or being political. It has to start somewhere.