A letter to our Nation’s Founding Fathers


To our Founding Fathers and all those who fought for the Independence of America.

As we are about to Vote as a nation for local and national elections it seems that many have forgotten what principles our nation was founded upon and why over 240 years ago citizens of The British Colonies put their individual differences aside to work together to form a New Nation, one that would transform the history of the world.  Today, we see people call each other despicable names because they support one politician over another. Many of our current US Citizens no longer look at their fellow Americans as a “Brother/Sister” under the Stars and Stripes but rather an enemy and one that is not even worth having a conversation with. In our past we would discuss our disagreements such as how our tax dollars should be spent or what is the appropriate amount of taxes to even be collected. We forget that many lost their lives to even give us the ability to make those decisions in our own governing body and not by someone across an ocean. We see people attacking one another both verbally and physically because they have different viewpoints. We even see some Americans wanting to give more power and control to the Government and turn our nation into a socialist country where the government tells its citizens what to do, what to buy, how much money you should have and will gladly take from those who have to give to those who don’t. Please know, as a Nation, we have always been a giving people, as many have given their lives to not only fight for our freedom but for the freedom of other nations as well. We have also been the biggest giver of humanitarian need to those around the globe. Your efforts and sacrifice will not be in vain as we go through this turbulent time in our history. We will, as a nation, eventually put away the hate, put away the feelings of entitlement and remember that we are Blessed to live in the United States of America and that only together can we survive what the future may hold. Thank You and God Bless this Great Nation.


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