Congress should embrace the Prime Minister of Israel

With the pending speech by Prime Minister Netanyahu this week, Washington leaders have a chance to show the world we are united with one of our most important Allies.  The President could have led by example and simply stated that although he would have liked the Speaker of the House to have consulted him on the invitation and despite the differences with the political parties we should embrace the Prime Minister’s visit and listen to his concerns so we can work towards protecting All the Democratic Nations from Nuclear Threats and groups such as ISIS that are trying to systematically  eliminate Christians, Jews and even Muslims that believe in peace and love. The President’s lack of leadership and those Democratic Congressmen that want to protest the speech show that their concern is more about personal pride and school yard bullying than being leaders and putting the security of our Nation and those of our Allies first.  Any member of Congress that “protests” the speech should be ashamed of themselves and should expect to hear from their voters during the next election.  Mr. President, you failed in this opportunity to show leadership instead of acting on hurt feelings!

Eric Grunor, citizen


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