A Goodbye Letter to President Obama from a Conservative American.

Dear President Obama,

Many, like myself, did not vote for you and did not agree with many decisions you made while in office. As you realized when elected you were never going to please everyone or get 100% of Americans to support your decisions. As most administrations go it is usually close to 50/50 on the political divide. We have seen much anger and political back/forth over the past 8 years and especially this last as the 2016 candidates threw their hat into the ring. Contrary to what you have said, as well as many in the Democratic party, the reason most of us conservatives did not agree with you was strictly because of policy differences and not the color of your skin. Americans will always have differences of opinion and the ability to express them is a foundation of our Democracy. I wish you and your family peace, good health and many blessings as you become a private citizen and although I did not agree with you on much of your decisions I do appreciate the effort you made and the sacrifices you gave to serve the nation. I would just ask that as you move forward and write books/give speeches or have any influence on the Democratic party that you use that ability to show that most Americans do not judge people based on race, skin color or religion but the decisions, character, and results they may have from a job they are asked to do. I know you have mentioned your legacy on policies but if you really want to have an impact on America’s future please help show people how to be peaceful to one another and respect that we do differ when it comes to political and social issues and that respectful conversation and communication is the best way to achieve peace within our own nation. God Bless!

Eric Grunor


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