Be thankful to GOD for your life and stop complaining about election.


When the Liberals, the MSM and the rest of those with hurt feelings understand that people who voted for Trump were not looking for a robot, a political puppet, or even a role model maybe they will stop screaming “why” and “how could you” and realize that not everyone sees the world the same way.  Many, like myself, are Pro-Life and would do anything we could to reduce, if not eliminate, the ending of innocent lives. We felt we needed to strengthen our military, gain more clout around the globe and eliminate politics as usual. We wanted an outsider with a business mind to get people to find common areas to work together and make good deals.  We want our police to understand we appreciate them, our veterans to understand we are indebted to them and to understand that just because some of us may have white skin we are not automatically racist.  All the noise that the Anti-Trump folks make is just that, irrelevant nonsense. So Mr. Trump tweets, he speaks his mind, is not always scripted and sometimes lets his emotions out. Wow, that sounds like most of us. We do not look at the Office of Presidency as a King, as a higher power, or a deity. It is a job to work for the American people. He is not doing it for recognition, money or fame, he already had them…but to make a difference and bring his business abilities to Washington.  So instead of crying in a corner and wondering how you are going to survive the next 8 years, get up each day, thank GOD for your life, be grateful, respect others and make a difference.


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