Hypocritical Hollywood to judge others!


As I caught a few minutes of the Golden Globes and heard the likes of Meryl Streep and others continue the “Hollywood” rhetoric towards our new President I would like to respond to all the so-called celebrities that feel they are better and morally superior to our next Commander-in- Chief.  Many of these same people have no problem appearing in movies, TV shows, or singing songs that promote immorality. Some will be in despicable sex scenes, will portray characters that cheat on their spouses, take illegal drugs, use foul language and commit hideous crimes. Many movies and songs have to have a rating to only allow adults to watch or listen. These celebrities will claim it is “art” but will have no problem promoting the immorality of our society if the price is right and they can become famous. You have to be very naïve to think that the “art” in which they receive their income from is just entertainment and has no bearing on our society.  Many actual crimes have been committed after the person saw a similar act in a movie.  Many of these “celebrities” also promote the moral demise of our society by publicly showing us their personal life. Whether it is the divorces, the drug addictions, the wild parties etc. they all have influence over the younger generation.  We are a free country and everyone is entitled to earn a living how they want but before any stone is cast one should look in the mirror and see how they are influencing the world around them and how much damage they are doing.  These celebrities may be good at their craft but many will cause more harm to our society than any politician ever will. So instead of judging others, how about using your talent to promote family values, good morals and positive images?  Last I checked “Glitz and Glamour” is not a moral standard.


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