The Brilliance of Donald Trump

From the Republican primaries through the first 6 months of his administration President Trump continues to control the Media, Democrats and the Liberal Pundits as if he was a puppet master holding their strings. Donald Trump became the main focus as soon as he threw his hat into the political ring.    His candidacy allowed him to reach working class America, while his opponents focused on attacking him. His Presidency has allowed him to begin the process of putting America First while the Media and Democrats continue to attack his words, tweets and personality. He knew early on that in order to win the election and now subsequently implement ideas and programs to move America in the right direction one of the best ways is to control your opponent.  The last 8 years of weakness and division cannot be changed overnight but while the media and liberals waste their time on false accusation and constant threats President Trump continues to build allies, fight terrorism, pass bills (28 Bills in his first 100 days alone) and has Congress working on Tax Reform, Health Reform and many others that will take time to work through but will move America in a better direction.  If President Trump wants to have the Media talking about a topic he can. If he wants them to guess what he is thinking he can.  What he is also doing is pushing the Far Left Politicians to show their extremism which will cause their careers to come to an end once they go too far. And they will. The likes of Sanders, Pelosi, Waters and others are acting just as President Trump thought they would. We have already seen some in Hollywood cross the line, this week we saw Bernie Sanders attack Christians. It is just a matter of time before the rest start to fall. Donald J Trump will continue to Make America Great Again but he will also change how Washington works.


Comey’s Feelings vs. Facts

Comey’s Feelings vs. Facts

As Head of the FBI or in any Law Enforcement Department…actions should be based on FACTS not just a feeling that one has.

His feelings were that President Trump wanted him to stop an investigation on Michael Flynn.

(Comey never followed up with President to get clarification or mention that maybe inappropriate conversation to have..his reason to not follow up is “If I was a stronger person maybe I would have”)

Fact. President Trump was NOT under personal Investigation.

Fact. Comey refused to acknowledge publicly that The President was not under investigation

Fact. President Trump made it clear that he wanted to know if ANYONE in his circle was doing anything inappropriate. Comey stated this in his testimony

Fact. Comey leaked information to a third party to get to media.

Fact. Comey said he did not leak info himself for a variety of reasons but did not explain what they were.

Fact. Comey never gave memos to Congress or DOJ which would have been appropriate action.

Fact. Loretta Lynch told Comey to frame e-mail scandal a certain way. Comey never mentioned this until yesterday to Congress

(What if President Obama knew what Lynch requested? What if Hillary Clinton knew? What if Tim Kaine Knew? Kaine is still in Congress and on Committee investigating President Trump)

Fact. Both Republicans and Democrats had lost confidence in Comey over the past year in how he handles certain investigations.

Fact. Comey was fired and he is trying to blame others.


Why Attacks are Increasing From Terrorists and the Left !

There is a simple reason why there has been an uptick in terror attacks, as well as, attacks against morality and ethics in our society by the Liberal Media, Hollywood and the Democratic Party.  The radical terrorists see the writing on the wall. Not only is America and our allies increasing the military battle against these thugs but many Muslim Nations are finally getting into the fight. They realize that if they want to protect the Religion of Islam and not the image these brainwashed radical terrorists portray than the nations such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt etc. need to lead the fight against those that are trying to change their entire religious history. The terrorists know America has built a coalition and will no longer be passive so they are fighting for their lives and will do whatever they can before going down in flames.  The Media, Hollywood and the Democrats hit a wall with the last election. Their arrogance of telling people what is right, what to believe, and how to live was thrown in their face. They also are fighting to keep power and influence. The likes of Kathy Griffin, Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher etc., as well as the Democrats, like Waters, Pelosi and even Clinton still believe in their mind that they know what is good for America.  What we are seeing are the results of the fall of morality and ethics over the past 25 years and all the finger-pointing from the left is now pointing right back at them. It was inevitable that we would be at this point. Greed and Power has allowed Hollywood to glamorize sexual immorality and Liberals have been pushing the agenda of “Live however you want” without regard for the effect that it eventually puts on a society that was founded on Judeo-Christian Values.


Hollywood Has Pushed “The Line” To The Gutter.

To the red headed comedian, (no need to mention your name as all you seem to want is recognition), the late night talk show host, the Liberal Media and Most of Hollywood, You Do Not Represent the Majority of Americans.  In spite of your loud voices and constant hypocritical rhetoric against anyone that thinks different from you and your intolerance for opposing views most Americans can respect each other and accept our differences.  We are a free nation with the ability to speak, act and pray as we want. We are also a nation of responsibility and consequences. If one chooses to act a certain way than they also need to accept reactions of others. Morally we should not hurt, degrade or dishonor anyone. We have laws against libel, slander and public discourse. Those in the public eye, whether politicians, athletes, celebrities etc. seem to be more susceptible to ridicule and critiques as long as a line is not crossed (sorry Jim Carrey, there is indeed a moral line) most move on without issue. There is no question that the Media and Hollywood have pushed the Moral/Ethical Line down to the gutter for the sole purpose of fame, fortune and power.  The laws protect you in spite of your disgusting shift towards foulmouthed, sexual, in your face, anti-family values. The majority of Americans, regardless of political and social views, have to battle each and every day the garbage you put out. Parents worry that their children will listen to a song, see a TV show or watch a movie that shows the opposite of what they are trying to teach them at home.  With social media it is almost impossible to shield all the garbage 24-7.  Those that are not parents are just as disgusted as they see society portrayed in a way that goes against what most believe in. You are free to do what you want but as you continue to push the line at some point you won’t be able to push anymore and you will hit a wall and fall. There will be no one to blame but yourself as everyone is responsible for their own actions.


Life Lessons Beyond the News, Politics and other Noise.


As I recently hit the ½ century mark I thought it was a good time to share some basic reminders that have been beneficial to me to get through this thing called life.  We can only control ourselves and how we act and react. Life is what we make of it regardless of those around us.

50 years of life lessons… here are some of my favorites:

  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff (Life is full of challenges, focus on what is truly important)
  2. Smile and say Thank You (you might just brighten someone’s day)
  3. Be humble and laugh at yourself when you can (We all make mistakes and do silly things)
  4. Remember that each of us are important and can make a positive impact on others
  5. Find time to pray and be thankful for the opportunity of Life that GOD has given us
  6. Never stop learning and trying to better yourself
  7. Enjoy the blessings along the way (time goes by fast with no guarantees)
  8. It is OK to ask for help when you need it, in turn help others when you can
  9. Today’s technology can make a 50-year-old feel really stupid but we “middle-agers” can still offer a lot to the next generation
  10. Never forget to tell those that are important to you that “They are important to you”