The Characteristics of a President…


Let’s look at what is really needed in a Presidential Candidate.  As our Country faces many challenges ahead both domestically and internationally, what kind of person should we have occupying the White House? To start with, I would like to see a person who is a President to ALL citizens..regardless of political affiliation. We should never have a President talk about ½ the country (opposing party, different race, different gender, different faith etc.)  as enemies or other derogatory names… our enemies are terrorists and people that want to destroy America. We need a leader who is Strong in their beliefs but understanding of those that differ. We need a leader who can work with those that think differently but lead towards common ground and is also not afraid to stand strong on certain beliefs which make up the foundation of who they are. We need a leader who is strong enough to admit they may have made a mistake or could have done/said something better or in a different way. A good leader surrounds themselves with those that have knowledge/skills that they do not. We do Not need a leader that only hires and appoints “Yes” men. That only shows EGO and not good for the Country.  We need a leader who believes in a Strong Military…we CANNOT negotiate/discuss our way to peace with those that want to destroy democracy. We need a leader that believes in the Constitution…it is really not that difficult of a document to was written for the People..not for politicians/judges to interpret and change based on party platform/personal agendas.  There are other characteristics I would like to see but to me the most important is one who has faith.  A President needs to be strong in their faith in GOD… (if this offends some, too bad)..The majority of Americans believe in GOD, religions may differ but the majority believe in the same One, True, GOD….The President needs to be a leader in making sure Faith in God is applauded and not shunned.  For those that Do not Believe, we all have the responsibility to show them why God is with us but we should never remove GOD from our country no matter what. The President should be a person who is admired for who they are as a person, not for their gender, color, party, bank account, sound bites, or other reasons why some seem to be elected. I pray that as the political process continues towards the 2016 Election we can remove all the Noise and elect a leader that truly represents what America stands for.


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