The True Colors of the Democratic Party !

Politicians have always attacked one another over policy, words, and even personality but it was September 9th, 2016 that presidential candidate Hillary Clinton changed the narrative of political campaigns, exposed the true ideology of the Democratic Party and sealed her defeat in the election of 2016. Her comments, speaking at the LGBT Gala in New York City, Clinton said that Trump’s supporters were “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic” and that Trump supporters belong in a “basket of deplorables.”

Americans will always have various opinions and will even differ on certain ideas even with a candidate they support. However, when they are told if they believe a certain way or support a candidate then they are a bad person, the narrative changes. Democrats continue to believe they are the only “true, righteous” party. New DNC chair has mentioned that if a Democrat, you must also support Abortion. We heard Bernie Sanders tell an appointee that he is not what America needs because he has strong Christian Beliefs. We have seen this anger and division spread to the Media, Hollywood and Every Day Citizens.  The shootings of Republicans on a ball-field are a direct result of this arrogance. Now we hear this rhetoric from Democrats regarding health care. They call those that support the current bill “Killers of the Poor and Elderly”.

As a conservative, I hope the Democrats continue to promote their self- imposed “holier-than-thou” attitude as they will continue to lose elections both at the State and Federal Level. However, as an American, I wish they would become more tolerant and open as having a major political party be this divisive, intolerant, and influential is never good for the future of America.



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