The Russian Conspiracy Theory is Over.

The Democrats keep using the narrative that the Russians “undermined” our Democracy. Our elections did not change because of any hacking. Countries, including the United States, have tried to influence leaders around the globe for centuries. Technology brings a different level than just money, power and military pressure. Our Democracy is even stronger today because of our election. In spite of any outside influence the election of 2016 ended with the results chosen through following the  Constitution, electoral college, and the rest of the process. We are almost at a year since the Obama administration became aware that other countries were trying to have an influence on the election.  The alarm didn’t sound until after the Democrats lost. If those screaming the loudest don’t believe that many countries tried to get Carter re-elected because of his foreign policy weakness or that Obama had countries helping him because of his very liberal views, they are kidding themselves. Whether through money, influence, technology or other means there will always be outside influence but we must also accept that America is guilty as well. Noriega was a prime example, as he had worked with the CIA before gaining power and we ended up with egg on our face.  We can go back as far as The Shah of Iran, who was given power by the Allied forces. So to the crying Democrats, stop the hypocrisy. Our Constitution is set up to thwart outside influences so our nation can continue to be Ruled BY THE PEOPLE and FOR THE PEOPLE.


One thought on “The Russian Conspiracy Theory is Over.

  1. Claude says:

    Russia is a game player. It has been for decades. Even before Trump. With that said, it could very well have used many infornants to set wheels in motion if only for folly or distraction. The points are….The USA media does it too. In cannot be proven or even more so revealed because Russia is that good & that smart. And, not to say, the USA is not..but in a different way. Their plans would not be so obvious as to their intent. And not unlike the manipulative media in America.
    Keep your friends close..but your enemies closer. MAGA. God Bless America.

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