Congress & Health Care Make Me Sick !

Watching both the Democrats and Republicans approach Health Care is a good indication that we need a new Third Party to bring civility to our Government system. Whether 7 years ago or the past few months both parties showed that they truly do not represent the American people.  No matter what side of the aisle one might be on regarding Health Care, Taxes, Social Issues or any number of other items it is clear that the majority of Congress, the Media and Washington as a whole are more about The Show, than The Substance. A third-party could well bring a sense of balance and accountability to our Government Process. What once was a respected profession is now looked upon with skepticism, and in many cases disgust. Members of both parties seem to care more about winning than about helping the American people. It is time for the hard-working, respectful, understanding American people to take a seat at the table and let the existing parties in power know that they can no longer represent their own interests but rather those of their peers, neighbors and fellow citizens.


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