“Will & Grace” shows the Hypocrisy in Hollywood!


hollywood hypocrisyAll one has to do is watch a recent episode of NBC’s “Will & Grace” to see that Hollywood is the epitome of hypocrisy. In a particular story plot we see Grace and Karen making sexual comments to a work place sub-ordinate and joking about how great it would be to be intimate with him before they start talking to their own body parts. We also see Jack and Will make inappropriate sexual comments about another individual as if these comments and behavior is perfectly acceptable. One has to wonder how any actor, musician, director, producer or writer, that participates in any way actions that tries to normalize behavior that society can consider criminal, can cash their paycheck and then act surprised and appalled with all the stories coming out of their peers actually doing these same despicable things. These actions have always been well-known but the “Just the way it is” and “Don’t rock the boat” attitude was the way to keep everyone’s bank account happy.  The characters of The Seaver’s (Growing Pains), The Keaton’s (Family Ties), the Winslow’s (Family Matters), The Evan’s (Good Times) to name a few, would never be considered for broadcast today because they talked about values and respect for one another without resorting to joking about sex, alcohol and drugs yet they tackled these topics and how it relates to both adults and children. If the “Self-Proclaimed Elites” in Hollywood truly are upset with what the rest of the world is learning about their “secrets” than they need to stop making this type of product and start doing what is right.


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