We Must Change Our Culture

I am writing this because I am sad…today more innocent lives were taken from us.  My sadness is not about politics, guns or differences on what laws and regulations should and shouldn’t be. We were reminded today that far too many people in this country are angry, feel alone, have mental illness and carry so much hatred in their heart that perpetrating such a horrendous and evil act is becoming more common today than ever before in our history. We shy away from discussions on what has happened to our society and what factors are causing more and more individuals to lose their conscience and choose to hurt others. We are seeing a trend of many that are overcome with so much anger that they no longer can think rationally and choose actions which are pure evil. Over the last 10 years we have seen an increase in suicides as well as acts that have caused mass harm to many. Whether it be guns, cars, knives, fists etc. that are used as a weapon our society has shifted and the result has penetrated the psyche of many individuals that were born with love in their heart but learned to hate and be angry towards the society in which they are a part of.  I don’t have the answers but I do know we, as a nation, need to be asking different questions and looking for different solutions.  The innocent lives that were lost today as well as all of the victims of the past should not be in vain. We must change our culture, we must change our society, and we must find a way to reduce the anger and hate before it becomes the predominant force of our Nation. Praying!


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