The Spirit of Christmas is not just one day !

IMG_1421 (002)

When we think about the Spirit of Christmas it is more than just a tree, presents and eggnog. In general, people have a different attitude during this time of the year. We may see an extra greeting, a bigger smile, more generosity and even more patience (except at malls). Even throughout history wars have been paused to celebrate Christmas. It is not about the gift giving but about bringing joy to those we know and strangers alike. It is about thinking of others with a gesture that could be as simple as a phone call, a hug, a card or a pair of socks…it is about making an effort to make others happy. It is also a reminder of the simple things that bless our lives regardless of individual circumstances. We think of our life, our friends, family and even co-workers. We think of all the special moments in our lives and the impact we have in this crazy world. We may celebrate the Birth of Jesus on Christmas Day but for all of GOD’s children, regardless of religious affiliation, the lessons of Grace, Kindness and Caring is what GOD wants us to remember and act upon every day. We can’t forget those who have a very hard time during the holidays. Memories can bring sadness, circumstances can bring frustration. This is also a time to pray for not only those that are close to our heart but for those we don’t even know. All what Christmas is can be summed up in the word LOVE. GOD loves each of us unconditionally and gives us the ability to share that love and kindness with others. May we all remember to share the Spirit of Christmas each and every day. Blessings.


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