One Way To Hold Congress Accountable!


Something to think about… there are 535 members of Congress (House and Senate) salary is at least $174,000 unless party leaders at $193,400 and speaker of house at $223,500..totaling more than $93,139,000 just in salaries. (93 Million a year!) add in staff and what their allowance is for office furniture, health care and other perks and the money that tax payers spend on Congress is unbelievable.

We elect Congress to work together, to write legislation, and find common ground among both political parties. The only way to hold them accountable to do their job is to wait 2 or 6 years and either re-elect or vote them out. They are collecting their pay check no matter what.

I would like to see leaders from both parties set an agenda at the beginning of each session with the top 3 agenda items and the time frame to get it done… such as ..12 months to Balance the Budget, revise Health Care, and have Immigration Reform.

Personally, I would like to see some of their salary withheld  until the end of the year to see if they accomplished their goals. If Congress cannot commit to getting things done in a reasonable time frame (as the rest of us with jobs are required to do) then we should not pay them to just wait out their term.

Although the Constitution says, “The Senators and Representatives shall receive a Compensation for their Services….and that Senators and Representatives set their own compensation”….

How about lower their salary and then they can get OUR Tax money paid to them for each of the top agenda items they accomplish?


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