What Politicians Continue To Get Wrong.


One of the things we constantly hear from politicians, whether on the local, state, or national level, is the idea that they stand for what Americans are concerned with and discuss at their kitchen table. While voters may be concerned with things such as jobs, economy, health care, immigration, education and a slew of other topics, the one item that these politicians omit from speeches and ironically the one item that more Americans have in common than which side of the aisle they may stand is what many will do before they eat their meal, or before they go to bed, or before they leave for work, that is to Pray and acknowledge that there is a GOD. Before I get the push back of the misused argument of “Church and State”, let’s acknowledge that Faith in GOD is not about any particular religion and certainly not about the Government sponsoring a religion, like the “Church of England” or requiring people to worship or even to believe in a higher power. Belief in GOD is a personal choice in the United States as is worshiping with others, whether at a Bible Study, Church, Synagogue or Mosque and whether you believe that GOD exists or not the right to believe and worship is Absolutely Guaranteed in our Constitution.  While ½ the country may differ on how to handle the problems that arise the majority still believe in something bigger than any human being, and especially bigger than any politician. Even most Immigrants that hope to find a better life in the United States believe that there is a GOD. I imagine before they make their journey to our border, they pray about it and ask GOD to guide them. The general omission of how important Faith in GOD is to the citizens of the United States by our politicians is one of the main reasons we have so much anger and malcontent. It is sad that after a tragedy we hear from some the mocking of “Thoughts and Prayers”.  In my opinion, if we had more of our politicians pray before a meeting, before a session of Congress and before an opportunity to speak to others there would not be as much anger and maybe there would be less tragedies.  It is vital to this nation that the acknowledgement of the most common thread of the people of this great nation is not mocked, ridiculed, or omitted but rather embraced and discussed. If we start with the realization that most Americans consider themselves a Child of GOD, and although we may have very different opinions we are united as Brothers and Sisters under the One Who Created Us and for those who do not believe in GOD we are still United Under our Flag and those who fought for All of our Freedoms.


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