I Won’t Hate Back!

To my fellow Americans that want to push CRT, claim America is a racist country, and want to change our Flag, please read my words and take it to heart. I will never feel bad, apologize, or regret the color of my skin. Anyone that can have a conversation will learn that most white people today feel that slavery was an abomination, that Jim Crow laws were disgusting, and any form of discrimination is bad. Those that feel our Flag does not represent them I would ask why? Our flag is a symbol of a nation. A nation formed from a vision that All Men Are Created Equal. While our country has had politicians that have voted for and passed laws that were certainly against the Judeo-Christian Values it was founded upon, our nation has stood against tyranny, stood alongside other nations in their quest for freedom, and has been the most generous of countries when it comes to providing aid and support to those in need both within our own borders and to other nations as well. If you want to “hate” me because I love this country and my skin is white, then that is on you. I will not hate you back. Hate is a terrible emotion. If you are angry about some of the choices people and our political leaders have and still make, I am right there with you. Today, I am disgusted with abortion while you may think it is ok. I am disgusted with seeing hungry/homeless children in this country of abundance (I hope we share in this anger). I hate to see adults entering our nation illegally and using many of our resources and benefits while our own citizens are suffering in many ways. Our country has not been perfect, we have and continue to do things that we each may find abhorrent and may agree on some as well. However, for a country that is considered young compared to many others we have and continue to accomplish more than most and the benefits of America ever existing far exceeds the damage the bad decisions have caused. While we may disagree on some and agree on others, we are all Americans and equal as children of God. Hate me if you feel you must but I will pray for you and will always fight for your right to speak freely and to express your thoughts as I will express mine. America is not a bad nation but there are bad people. Despite the bad, The American Dream is still the envy of most around the world and even with some differences we can still work together to live in a nation we all are proud of. May God continue to Bless All Americans!


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