Clinton’s Tax Hypocrisy !

Clinton’s argument regarding Trump’s taxes is naive and another reason why she should not be President!

When an individual owns a business they have many more taxes than an average worker. Not only do they pay taxes on the profits of their business and any income they may take out as an employee, but also taxes such as Payroll and Property just two mention two. Although Clinton wants to argue that Trump may or may not have paid Income taxes some years, or that his % of Income tax in others is lower than some, she fails to mention the payroll and property taxes that he pays each and every year. The IRS is complicated and needs to be changed but it is the law. (To my knowledge, Clinton had never proposed any changes to the tax code when she was senator. She only seems to talk about it when she is trying to get elected). Trump has used the IRS Codes to take deductions for his business just as all individuals and business owners do with their taxes. In years when his company may have lost money he was allowed to carry over losses to other years to reduce taxes. I am sure the Clinton’s, as well as their wealthy donors, have used the IRS codes to take tax deductions at various levels. However, we should not leave out the fact that Trump and his companies have paid more in Payroll Tax and Property Tax then most people will earn in a lifetime. A big portion of Payroll Tax funds the unemployment system which then helps those people who are not able to find a job. Trump Industries also has offered retirement benefits to their employees which is not a requirement. For anyone that has filed and used unemployment benefits or may in the future one question I would ask is which of the two candidates has helped put food on your table when you were in need? For Clinton to degrade Trump for using the Tax Codes and Laws that are in place, in which she has been in a position to change over the years and has never done so, is another example of her hypocrisy.


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