Questions a real reporter should ask Hillary Clinton

Question #1

If you were President and your Sec. of State was investigated by the FBI for actions that could have risked secrets and security of the United States and their reason was it was more convenient to have an e-mail server at home and they had never informed you as President they were doing this, what would you do? Reprimand? Remove from the position? Let it go? What kind of leader of people would you be?

Question #2.

Would you as President appoint a cabinet member or Supreme Court Judge whose spouse was accused of lying to Congress, stripped of their ability to practice law and has had multiple decisions over their lifetime that question their morality.

Question # 3

The last 2 Presidents have not had the ability to get Congress to work well together. Political parties and the country are more divided than ever.  Donald Trump criticizes you and your decisions but you, Sec Clinton, criticize and insult his supporters and those that don’t support you. How can you possibly feel that if elected you would be able to reach out and get these Americans and Congress to work with you and support your decisions?

Question #4

Both you and your running mate have made the statement that you feel the United States is safer now than 8 years ago yet the majority of people feel otherwise. Do you feel you know more than the American people? You use the Iran deal as the reason you feel we are safer yet they continue to supply money and arms to terrorists so in reality how successful was that deal?

Question # 5

You continue to shrug off your email situation because to your knowledge they were never hacked. Yet we know that the DNC and many from your campaign have been hacked. Shouldn’t the fact that they could have been, be a concern? It seems you have a history of shrugging things off if you are not proven guilty not the fact that you are in the situation in the first place.

Question # 6

Both you and your husband when questioned by Congress used words such as “I don’t recall” ” I don’t remember” and of course the definition of “Sexual Relations”. In both cases you used what you knew were legal answers that are hard to prove perjury. Basically giving an answer without answering the question. One of your platforms is to revise the criminal justice system. Do you feel your knowledge of the law allowed you to answer those questions the way you did while the average citizen would have answered “yes or no”?  In most cases “I don’t remember or don’t recall” is not a defense.



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