Veterans Day is a reminder of what unites America !


Veterans Day is a great reminder to all of us of what truly is important, especially during this post-election season.  The American Dream exists because we can look forward to tomorrow. We can choose our future, we can worship without fear, we can feel safe in our own homes.  None of this would be possible if not for the Men and Women who have served in the United States Armed Forces.  Throughout the World people dream of freedom. The American Soldier continues to fight for all people, all nations, and all cultures that want to be free.  There is no greater sacrifice than risking one’s own life for another and our Veterans, as well as those currently serving in the Armed Forces, have continued to exemplify what true heroes are generation after generation.   The idea of giving, volunteering and putting country, community and others ahead of our own individual wants and needs is a lesson that All Americans should embrace. Soldiers don’t stand side by side only with those who share the same political, social, economic & religious views. Soldiers are united for a bigger cause. Does it matter which candidate someone voted for if people are working together to feed the homeless or helping the disabled or volunteering at a senior center? If we as a nation want to truly honor Veterans we should all look to give and help others in whatever way we can. Our differences will become less important and our country will become more united. Thank you Veterans for Not giving up on what America stands for, especially when many find it easy to abandon our fundamental values.  May God continue to bless all the Men and Women who have served in the Armed Forces.


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