Time to Change the Narrative for the Next Generation.

The media will tell us that we are a divided nation. Over the past decade there certainly were events, both political and social, that showed the many differences in ideology and thoughts that make up America. However, if there is one thing that the great people of this nation can agree on is that we are a better country when we think of others and not just ourselves. We Americans are a giving people, have always been the first nation to lend a hand to others in need and in local communities all over people come together when tragedy occurs. I believe it is time for the next “revolution” in this country. Not political or one based on skin color or religion but one of caring and love. What change would our country go through if every citizen challenged themselves to do one extra nice thing? This could be as simple as buying an extra can of food at the store and bringing it to the food shelter or buying some flowers and randomly drop them off at a hospital. Some can stop buy one of the local senior centers and play a game or talk with some of our wonderful citizens that have earned the right to be respected and be given dignity. We can offer to mow someone’s yard that is sick or walk their dog. What about handing the school bus driver a little thank you note for getting our children to and from school safely…Kindness does not have to be big but it certainly should come from the heart. History has shown that those who are recipients of kindness, including given a helping hand, go on and become some of the greatest givers and teachers of charitable, unselfish acts. We also know, those who are hurt or  abused and victims of other bad activities many times grow up and repeat those behaviors. It is time to change the narrative. The truth is you do not have to be wealthy to be kind. You do not need a Harvard degree to help others and you certainly do not need to be affiliated with either political party, or a supporter of a particular politician to set an example for our future generations. If we, as American people, help each other and think of being kind and loving instead of divisive not only will our nation be stronger but our children will have a different narrative to grow up in and our country’s future will be in a much better place. It is time to Think Kind, Think Love, Think GOD.


One thought on “Time to Change the Narrative for the Next Generation.

  1. Elizabeth Macmanus says:

    I agree with you on this 100%. Any random act of kindness shows our humility and willingness to just be better. The horrible way that some Americans have been treating each other brings me to tears. For some, citizens feel like America has taken a black eye, and in their fighting back, they increase the damage. Young people are bullying others like there are no repercussions or consequence to their actions. I hate this for us. It’s a new start to a new era. Like it or not, it’s coming. Like you said, we should show the very best we can be. The world is watching. God is watching.

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