Americans are better than Media Portrays

huddleCLRSo another day, another march/protest. It seems the majority are to point out differences and call out those we don’t agree with. America is made up of more of what we have “In Common” than what we oppose, (regardless of what the media tries to portray for ratings). Most Americans care about one another, pray for one another and will help each other regardless of political, social, racial or religious differences.  I call for Mondays to be, American Citizens Day…Every Monday should be a day that people share pictures, stories or anything else that shows America’s Unity, not division.   If we take the negativity away from Washington, The Media, and all those that want to divide us, we will change the narrative and make people believe in the goodness of American Citizens, even if we don’t always agree. Let’s bombard social media and any mainstream media that we can with positive stories every Monday. Let’s start every work week with what’s good in America!!!!


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