Equal Rights Include Abortion !


Equal Rights and Equal opportunity. Although many who claim this is what they stand for do not feel this way when it comes to Abortion. Outside of Rape and Incest, both the man and the woman make a choice to engage in the special encounter that may result in pregnancy. Regardless of precautions that may be used, there is still always the possibility that pregnancy results and it all began with a choice. However, the man has no say, no legal right, and no recourse if the woman decides to abort the child. The argument about whether Abortion should be legal at all is a separate issue. The argument about Equal Rights for the Father of the unborn is important. Just because the woman is the one carrying the child should not give her ALL the rights to determine if that Life is allowed to continue or not. If the choice was between both people to engage in this activity then the choice needs to be among both to determine the life of the child. The child, at the time of conception, has a mother and a father, both need to have a say in their life. A woman may have 100% control over their body when they make the choice to engage in sexual activity, but that does not give them the right to have 100% control over another life that was created because of their first choice. Equal Rights need to be for ALL. Until ALL Life is given the legal right to exist, fathers deserve the right to have a say if their sons or daughters will have a chance to experience God’s Blessing of Life !


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